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    Investing in the Communities
    That Invest in You.

    Have you heard of a Sou Sous? If not, you probably live in a part of America where access to banking and capital are readily available. Sou Sous, or giving circles, are groups of trusted individuals that loan money in communities where access to capital and traditional banking aren’t possible. Sou Sous provide a cycle of reinvestment in their communities and the inspiration for Loop Capital.

    Loop is a financial services firm that aims to create a similar cycle of reinvestment in these communities by pairing our investing expertise with the latest in financial technologies. At Loop, we are focussing on not only providing banking to these underbanked communities, but encouraging a cycle of reinvestment in these communities that don’t exist today. Our goal is to provide a full financial platform to help capital flow freely within under-invested communities to create generational wealth. If you think that everyone should have access to financial education, the ability to obtain investment guidance, capital for their small business, and be able to take pride in their community, then join us!

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    This Black FinTech Company Aims to be the National Community Bank

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    Bounce Back Growth Night Tuesdays

    Bounce Back Growth Night Tuesdays